A Short Year

In a year that was filled with graduation, Modeling environments, side projects, graphic design, weapons and characters, my most successful endeavor was bettering my 2D.  Even though I’m coming from a traditional background, I still concentrated in environments, so I never took the time to really sit and learn things like anatomy and coloring techniques.  If anybody has seen my gallery before, the first half of the following picture was what I originally had in my gallery.

That very same picture was used in a game pitch presentation for our main character a little over one year ago.  The second half of the picture was made for a possible re-boot of the project in the near future.  Even if it is just the one picture in this post, you can see the change and development in the rest of my 2D gallery.  I’m really looking forward to what a whole new year is going to bring.


About wondertwin0821

I am a Graduate from Full Sail University, I have a Bachelor's of Science in Game Art. I graduated as the Salutatorian of my graduating class and also received the Advanced Achiever Award, which is the highest honor only received by one student per program. I am always expanding my portfolio in multiple fields of the 3D Industry and am always interested in any opportunities it has to offer. I am currently working on animated short side project and a game.
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