Plant Life

Another job that I am doing for the animated short is creating some of the plants that will be seen on the alien planet.  Here I have 3 plant types that will be used in the animation.  The first is a large, round plant with bulbs sticking out like a flower vase the maps I put on the plant are just test colors, we do not have a color scheme for the word yet, so they are likely to change.  The second type I modeled was a plant that was meant to be small and numerous almost as if it were grass.  I kind of pictured it to glow too, but that wouldn’t be necessary.  The third is still a work in progress, it is also a small plant, but it would not be as abundant as the grass type.  It’s meant to be a mushroom-like plant, so it will be more rounded out for the final product.


About wondertwin0821

I am a Graduate from Full Sail University, I have a Bachelor's of Science in Game Art. I graduated as the Salutatorian of my graduating class and also received the Advanced Achiever Award, which is the highest honor only received by one student per program. I am always expanding my portfolio in multiple fields of the 3D Industry and am always interested in any opportunities it has to offer. I am currently working on animated short side project and a game.
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